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Let's face it, I do A LOT of gallery walls. One of my favorite styles of wall to create are family photo gallery walls. I love seeing my clients photo shoot selections and designing them into a magical gallery wall display. Many of you already have professional family photos, but if you don't...this blog is for you.

It is SO important to hire a professional photographer to take shots of your family, at least once if not every year. Kids grow so fast and these photo shoots are the only thing we will have to keep their youthful memories alive.

With spring coming into full bloom, now is the perfect time to book a family photo shoot with a professional photographer. I've complied a list of my favorite photographers in the area that I have either used or work closely with. Book your shoot, and give me a call when the pics come in. Let's create a timeless gallery wall in your home.


Yellowhale Photography

Kyung is a genius behind the camera and is my business and personal photographer. She is simply the best. She is responsible for all the photos on my instagram and website.

"Kyung, internationally known and award winning children's photographer, combines her artistic eye and technical mastery to create compelling images to last a lifetime. Her passion for photography was first ignited as she transformed her son's ordinary expressions into extraordinary moments. She captures the same energy, creativity and beauty in all of the children she photographs."


Danielle Sara Photography

Danielle is fantastic. She has a super creative mind and creates amazingly fun studio sessions.

"Our cozy photography studio offers a modern and relaxing space to capture all of your family’s milestones, from your growing belly and newborn’s first portraits, all the way through the childhood years. It is our goal to create genuine and beautiful images for you, your children, your home and your life. "


Claire Harvey Photography

Claire is a dear friend and client of mine, and man can she work some magic behind the camera.

"It's very simple. My goal is for my photography to bring about emotion.

Rise LOVE up in you. Bring tears to your eyes. Make you realize that LOVE is there.

Show the LOVE. Show the JOY."


Freed Photography

I have been working with Freed for years. They photographed my kiddos when they were little.

"Our talented group of photographers are the finest in the industry. They hail from a range of disciplines: photojournalism, fine art, and commercial photography. Their work has appeared in The New York Times, Town and Country Magazine, The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, Politico, People Magazine and other national and local publications."


So there you have it. These photographers are the best of the best in the DC area. I hope this helps and gives you an extra little bit of motivation to finally book a photo session for you and your family.

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