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Three Simple Steps to Curating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Step One:

The first step in designing any gallery wall is to choose a layout that defines your style and your wallspace. In my previous blog post, I designed five different gallery wall layouts that you can choose from to create your own. >insert link Once you have chosen a layout, simply cut and paste your artwork into the layout and proceed to step 2.

Step Two:

Choosing artwork for your gallery wall can seem like a daunting task. The first step is to find a common theme and\or color. Take a look around the decor of your home...What color are your throw pillows? Your couch? What style are your architectural accents such as bannisters or crown moulding? Also, decide if your style is more traditional, contemporary or whimsical.

While browsing through a magazine or pinterest, often times you will notice that the artwork in gallery walls share a common theme, color and/or style. Perhaps, you and your family love the beach and the accent color in your home just so happens to be blue. Look for artwork that has hints of blue throughout the design. Maybe your a city dweller, and street art is your jam. Look for cityscape artwork or grafitti art. Or maybe you're looking for a wall of relaxation, in which case soothing colored artwork is the way to go. Blush pinks and cool greys, combined with a “good vibes only” quote would get me in my zen zone.

To mix it up a little, don’t forget to throw in a black and white art print or two. You definitely don't want your wall over saturated with one single color. These can be easily found by selecting different filters from the website you are buying your artwork from. I use Society6 and Etsy to source a lot of my artwork.

Step Three:

Next we frame your artwork. There are a few options when it comes to framing. The easiest and sometimes best option is to go all white. White frames look good anywhere, on any artwork, in any situation.

Another option is to use a mix of 2 or 3 colors like black, gold and white. Or one of my favorite color combos - white and natural wood frames.


Once your artwork has been selected and everything has been framed (hopefully by yours truly), hang your artwork using the design layout guide that you chose in step one. And violà! Now you have a statement wall that your family will love and make your friends jealous.


Want a on-of-a-kind gallery wall especially designed for you? Book an appointment for more info. Let's create together!

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