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Gallery Wall Guide - 5 Gallery wall styles for your home

Gallery walls can come in many sizes, shapes, dimensions and styles. When deciding to create a gallery wall for your wall space, the first thing to do is choosing a layout. Whether your hanging photos, artwork or a combo of both, the layout defines your style and personality. Here's my guide to my most favorite gallery wall layouts. Simply choose one that you love and works with your style and easily "cut & paste" your artwork into them, using the layouts as your guide.



The Grid wall comes in two different styles. In each of these gallery grid walls, the outside dimensions are square and make a rectangle.

Using the same size frames -

All of the frames in this style of grid are the same size which create an even symmetry.

Using different size frames -

These frame are different sizes but still fit together like a puzzle, while still making the outside dimensions of the gallery wall a perfect rectangle.


This wall forms the shape of a diamond. - taller in the middle and the artwork decreases in size as the wall spans the right and left of the center. Typically the focal point art piece hangs in the center with complementing artwork hanging around it.


If you have a vertical wall space that is tall but somewhat narrow, then "the stack" gallery wall is the way to go. This layout uses a column of frames , 1 to 2 frames wide by 3 to 5 frames tall. I love this design for areas like entryways and in hallways in between the space of 2 doorways.


This style of gallery wall includes anywhere from 3 to 6 pieces of artwork. If your art collection is small, but your walls are big, consider hanging them in a small grouping.


Stairway walls are often the most difficult to navigate and design. Not only are you hanging on an incline, but there's also the decision of what to hang. Family photos? Artwork? Or a combo of both? Stairways are a great place to hang some great professional photos of your family, As any mom knows, you went through a great deal of time, money and effort to get your family looking sharp for that photo shoot, so you should definitely show those photos off. But if a wall of family photos isn't your thing, then collect a combo of small, medium and large framed artwork. PRO TIP - I always measure the wall space end to end, then lay them out on the floor and fit them together like a puzzle.


This is just a taste of the endless possibilities of what you can create with your wall space. If you need help and advise of what direction to take, get in touch! I love a blank canvas!



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