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Best. Present. Ever.

Besides the grueling task of buying my kids and the rest of my family presents for the holidays, I also always buy a little something for my house. I mean, my home has been good to me all year - keeps me warm, shelters me from the rain and NEVER talks back. In the past it’s been a new appliance or piece of furniture or that fancy shower nozzle I’ve had my eyes on. Obviously I have zero wall space left for artwork in my house but I know there’s some of you that have a TON. I’ve seen it first hand and I will not mention any names, but I know you’re out there.

What better way to show your home you care than giving it some wall love. Find some art (or let me) and let’s create a wall you and your home will love for years!



Want a gallery wall especially designed for you? Get in touch! Let's create together!

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