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5 Frames to Swoon Over...

One thing I love about my job is working with new and trendy frames. A lot of exciting frame mouldings have been released this year and I thought I would share with you my favorites...

This hammered texture frame brings a bit of vintage glam to any artwork. I love using this frame on black and white photography or floral pieces.

These frames are to die for! They come in three wood grain color tones but the best part is they have a natural finish outer side which gives it a more modern, clean look. I love using these for more contemporary artwork and look great in homes with simple clean lines.

How fun are these frames?!? You'd be surprised as to what you can frame with these beauties! At first glance, they are a basic ornate frame but what makes them special is that they all have a gloss finish bringing old-world French design to its most modern edge.

This is what a upgraded wood frame looks like! In tones from dark chocolate to chestnut this line of frames have a cozy cabin feel with an updated flair. I love using this frame on anything nature. This frame has the glowing beauty and warm feeling that only handcrafted quality mouldings can create.

Pictures don't do these frames justice because they're amazing in person. The mirrored finish of this frame reflects the elegant, polished look of Hollywood's Golden Age. A fantastic choice for bold prints or photography.


So there you have it. My top 5..for the moment. If you'd like to see these in person, or have artwork that could go with these fantastic frame mouldings, email me and let's set up an appointment. I'm always happy to share my love of elegant and fun frames!

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