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Artwork for every wall

If your guilty of having a framed Van Gogh or Pulp Fiction poster on your walls then it's time to step up your art game.

Here are some trendy and affordable wall art ideas.


Digital art is very "in" right now and super cheap. I purchase $5 downloadable prints off Esty which I LOVE. You can also find free printables online. Digital wall art is a great option for two reasons.. It's affordable but also it's convenient. Many of these prints are 8" x 10" and can be printed at home.


Mixed media art adds texture and interest to your wall space. By mixed media, I mean oval mirrors, signs, vintage plates, marquee lights, wall mounted busts, etc. Mixing framed art as well as art that has depth breaks up a flat wall and creates a fun focal point to a room.


Photography walls can be far from boring and not to mention inexpensive, if done correctly. Use images that have the same theme. For example beach photography, black and whites, or even your Instagram photos. There are lots of websites and apps that offer photo printing, I do not favor one over another. I do my printing from home or go to Kinkos for larger prints. The quality is good and they're super fast and cheap.


Botanicals, maps and postcards are my fav for traditional homes, especially when paired with fun vintage frames. Hang a set of 6 coral prints in the dining room or antique street maps and postards of NYC in the hallway. There are a range of prices for this style of art so it depends on the budget you have to work with. I have purchased reproductions from Etsy for less the $20. You may also want to hit up some flee markets. There is a vendor at my local Sunday flee in Georgetown, Washington DC, that carries everything you could ever ask for.


The modern and minimal trend is not so much about the art, but about the overall design. It is understated and doesn't take away from other features in the room. Think abstract art with silver, white or black frames.


Downloadable Printables:

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Wooden Signs:

Oval Mirrors:

Vintage Marquee Lights:

Faux Animal Busts:

Beach Photography:

Vintage maps:

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