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How to create the perfect gallery wall

Gallery walls come in various styles, shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, textures, etc. But how do you create the perfect gallery wall for your space? Here are a few simple steps to show you how.

First have some idea of what your going for. Are you going for an artsy wall or a family photo gallery wall?

How many pieces of art are you going to frame and hang? I like to explore examples for style and set up ideas on Pinterest. Once I've decided on a style and number of pieces I like to save the example to my phone or print a copy to serve as a map or guide for my wall.

Next gather your artwork and choose a framing style.

EXPERT TIP - for a family photo gallery wall, I like the images to be in black and white. This coveys continuity and black and white photos are always timeless. Color photographs are fine too. Either choose one single frame like a simple black wood, or choose a variation of frame styles as long as they are the same color.

For an artsy gallery wall you can do the same as you would with a family photo wall, or use your creative freedom to choose an eclectic combination of frames.

Now it's time to hang. For the most part, I use a drawn out map to figure out placement of my artwork. I first lay them out on the floor. Then I measure the wall and find the center. I start by hanging the center piece first at eye level. Then work my way around, leaving 2 or more inches between frames depending on how much space is available. Sometimes I like to cut out pieces of paper to the size of the frame and tape them to the wall to help me have a better vision.

All in all, it is not that overwhelming to create a gallery wall in your home if you have the steps and confidence to get going. I've included links to my Pinterest page for some design ideas, and also links to some great Etsy shops that I've ordered artwork from.

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