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Four Family Photo Gallery Walls That You Need Right Now

Most of us have had professional pictures taken of our families, and I would say that most of us also have them sitting in a box somewhere in our house. After all the time, money and effort you spent on having a professional family photo shoot, what's the point? Give them the kind of showcase they deserve. Not sure how to get started? Here are four family photo gallery wall style ideas to help you get some inspiration. I've also included a couple of important pro-tips at the end.



White frames are very on trend right now. They look best when you are using colorful photos and want the artwork to stand out, while the frame blends in to the background. When hung in gallery wall style, especially on white walls, they create a stronger visual impact. I love white on white gallery walls best in hallways and kids rooms.


If you want a bit more drama to your decor, then black is the way to go. For a contemporary/minimal look, then keep the frames all the width and size and go with a gallery grid layout. If your style is more eclectic, choose frames with different widths and thicknesses while still keeping them all the same color. Mixing thin and thicker frames combined with different frame sizes creates a balanced and stunning wall arrangement.


Gold frames add instant elegance to any room. They are classic and timeless. Make sure when using gold frames that you have other gold accents in the room. Insert rule of three - an accent color that is displayed in three areas throughout the room makes the color feel more intentional rather then random.

Silver Frames

Silver frames are used if you have cool tones in your room. If you tend to favor grey walls and silver accessories, then silver should be your go-to. Like its gold counterpart, silver adds a touch of soft elegance to any wall space.


vERTICAL vs. Horizontal

Keep in mind of what orientation you choose. When creating a gallery wall, this is one of the most important things that you need to think about. Look at your photos, are most of them verticals or horizontal? Whichever orientation you have the most of is what you should go with for your gallery wall layout.

If you have a mix of both, there are ways you can get around this dilemma. First, if you have a horizontal and you are going with all verticals, you can always crop a horizontal picture to be a vertical. But this method does not work the other way around. You cannot crop a vertical pic to be a horizontal. The resolution would make the picture too distorted. Second option is to use a combination of vertical and horizontal pictures and make all the frames square. Although the mats will be different sizes on top, bottom and sides, this is always my happy-medium solution to the vertical vs horizontal dilemma.


It's the great debate. Do you use black and white photos or color? What it really comes down to is personal taste. Black and white photos have a softer look to them. The pictures will blend into the wall more while still making a stunning visual impact. I personally prefer color photographs. They have the sharpness and pop of color that spaces crave.


Filters are awesome. Technology has made it so easy to edit and filter our own photos at the palm of our hands. If you use your own pictures for a gallery wall grouping, make sure that they are edited with all the same filter. Balance out the light and shadow and use a "whiting" filter to make the pictures look clean and bright.


Want a gallery wall especially designed for you?

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